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Provisioning Users to an Application

With Idenator, you can use users and/or groups to assign access to a SaaS applications For example, if you want to assign access for the sales department to use three different SaaS applications, you can create a group that contains the users in the sales department, and then assign that group to these three SaaS applications that are needed by the sales department.

You can also individually assign an Identacor user for access to SaaS applications. 



This way you can save time by managing the membership of the sales department in one place. Users then are assigned to the application when they are added as members of the salesgroup, and have their assignments removed from the application when they are removed from the marketing group.

For applications with provisioning capabilties such as Zendesk and, provisioning provides the ability to create, update, and delete users.  With one click you can select a set of users for one or more applications and Identacor will automatically provision the necessary accounts to those applications for the specified users.  When the user leaves your organization, simply unassigning the user from the application will deprovisioning their access in connected systems. 



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