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How to Set Up SAML Integration with Zendesk?

Zendesk is a leading, web-based customer service software. It offers an elegant support ticket system using different channels, such as email, chat, voice, and social media. Identacor allows you to manage your Zendesk accounts directly from Identacor’s interface, which makes user management and single sign-on faster and effortless.

TIP: SAML is the industry standard, so use it whenever you can. 

The quick way to setup Identacor with Zendesk using SAML 2.0 is detailed below.


1. Add Zendesk in Identacor

  1. Log in to your Identacor and search for Zendesk in the Application Catalog in the Applications tab.
  2. Select Zendesk with IdencatorSAML 2.0 App.
  3. Click the Add link on the right.


2. Use the Getting Started Guide

To setup your Zendesk, click the Getting Started tab to view the Getting Started Guide.

You are also provided with your SAML SSO configuration details, as seen in the image below. Later, you will use this information to configure SAML (SSO) in Zendesk.


3. Enable SAML in your Zendesk

Go to the Admin Settings in your Zendesk and click Security. Now, you have an option to enable single sign-on (SSO) for both admins and agents (end-users) or you can select one type in this section. In the example below, only access for admins and agents is enabled.



4. Enter SSO Configuration Details

Enter the SHA1 fingerprint found in the Identacor Getting Started tab. Refer to the sample image below. After you update it, save the changes.


5. Enable API Token in Zendesk

To enable user management of Zendesk accounts from Identacor, you need to enable REST API in Zendesk.

  1. Go to the Admin Settings and click API under Channels.
  2. Enable the RESTAPI as shown in the image below.
  3. You are given your API token after you enable the REST API. Note this because you will need it later.

Remember, you need to log in as an administrator to enable this setting. Ensure that you save the changes.


6. Update Application Details

  1. Go to the SSO tab.
  2. Enter the application name and description.
  3. Under ZendeskSettings, type in the domain part of your Zendesk URL.  
  4. Select the Identacor username that represents the Zendesk account.  

This is typical the email address.  Alternatively, if you want to securely share one Zendesk account across a number of Identacor users select Static and enter the Zendesk account name (email address) in the static value field.  

  1. When done, save the changes.


7. Provision Zendesk Users

To manage the creation, updates, and removal of Zendesk accounts from Identacor directly, you need to enable the provisioning in Identacor.

  1. Fill out the necessary information needed to complete the setup. Refer to Step 5 above to get this information from Zendesk. Remember, you need to login as an administrator in Zendesk to get these data.
  2. In the Zendesk domain, enter only the domain part of your Zendesk. In the example below, the Zendesk account is Use only blackboxwebsolutions in the Zendesk domain field.
  3. Enter your Zendesk administrator username (your email address).
  4. Enter the Authentication Token; then click Authenticate.
  5. After the authentication is successful, you receive a confirmation message as shown in the example below. You will also have options to enable create automatically, update, or deprovision from Identacor to your Zendesk end users.
  6. Click Save Changes when done.


8. Manage Zendesk Users from Identacor

The Automated Provisioning of New Zendesk Accountsoption allows you to add new user to your Zendesk account automatically. That means, after assigning a user to the Zendesk application in Identacor, the user is automatically created in Zendesk.


9. Assign Users to Zendesk

Now that we have provisioned your Zendesk, we are ready to add users to your Zendesk. The assumption is that you already assigned users to the Zendesk application. If not, you can go to this LINK to see how to add users. Go to the Users tab and click Assign Users.


10. Select Users

You receive a dialog box with a list of users in your organization. You can add your Zendesk agents or even the users. These users are automatically added to Zendesk if they are not already added. Because we are adding an admin to our Zendesk, select his/her name on the list; then click Assign Users.

You are done. Access Zendesk!

There two ways to access the application you installed.

The first way is to click on the tile link on Application Portal page. As soon as a user is assigned to the Zendesk app, the tile link appears on his/her Application Portal page. One click on Zendesk and you are in!

The second way is through the Identacor's Application Portal link provided in the Getting Started Guide. This URL can be used to access the application from any location outside of Identacor. You can bookmark it for an easy access.




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