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How to Set Up Secure Auto-Login for a Pre-Configured Application

Identacor Secure Auto-Login provides instant, one-click access to today's most popular and widely-used cloud applications (apps). It provides users a way to securely access applications that do not support a native, single sign-on (SSO) protocol like SAML. Identacor stores the user’s password securely and injects it into the application's login page during sign-on. It saves time and reduces the hassle of remembering multiple passwords, allowing application users to access their accounts in a seamless and secure manner.  Secure Auto-Login was created for apps that do not support federated SSO. 

TIP: Use SAML whenever you can.  SAML is the industry standard, eliminates passwords, and applications with no passwords are nearly impossible to hack.  If SAML is not available, then Identacor offers Secure Auto-Login that uses a browser extension to securely pass credentials.

Identacor makes secure auto-login easy. Here is a simple process to install secure auto-login for the Evernote app.

1. Install the Secure Auto-Login browser extension

Before installing an application, you need to install the browser extension (known as Identacor Secure Auto-Login) before you can use SSO for some of the apps in the catalog. If you did not install the Secure Auto-Login extension, the following banner displays if you were assigned an app that requires the extension to perform SSO.


Click on the link as shown above to install it. You can check this LINK for the complete guide. If you already installed the browser extension, proceed to the next step. 

2. Search the Required App

Finding the desired app is easy with Identacor. Log in to your Identacor account. The following steps will guide you through the process.

  1. Go to Applications menu.
  2. Click Applications Catalog.
  3. Enter the name of the application you want to add (for example, Evernote is shown below) in the search box. 
  4. Click Add under the Action column.

3. Update App Details

To get the most out of your app, update it with relevant information.

  1. To add details to your application, go to the SSO tab.
  2. Add details about the application by filling in the following sections:
    • Application Name
    • Description
    • Upload Logo

4. Save Changes

  1. In the Application Settings section, leave the Login Page URL section blank. The login page URL was already saved into the Identacor database.
  2. Select the desired Authentication Settings.
    • Set by User:  User sets username and password
    • Set by Administrator:  Administrator sets username, user sets password
    • Shared Credentials: Users share a single username and password set by administrator

      3. Click Save Changes.

5. Assign Users to the app

The application is not be useful if no users are assigned to it. You, as the administrator, or other users in your firm will use the application. 

Here is how to assign users to the application.

  1. Click the Users tab
  2. Click Assign Users
. You will assign the users in your company.
  3. Select the Users.
  4. Click the Assign Users button.

6. Login to your application

There two ways to access the application we installed:

  1. Click the tile link on the Application Portal page. As soon as a user is assigned to the Evernote app, the tile link appears on his/her app portal page. Just one click on Evernote and you are in!

Use the SSO Link at the bottom section of the Getting Started tab for your application. You can use this link with any web browser as long as they have the Idencator Browser Extension installed.  You can also bookmark the page. 


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