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The Settings tab lets you configure settings and behavior for the entitled applications on your Application Portal page. 


You can use the Settings tab to control the behavior of your assigned applications, such as:

 Secure Auto-Login

This setting can be enabled or disabled on a per application basis for applications that require the Identacor Secure Auto-Login Browser Extension to login. If disabled, the extension will not attempt to perform auto-login automatically for a given application.

 Tile Link

This setting can be used to show or hide the application tile link from the Application Portal page.  

 Auto Launch

This setting allows apps to be dynamically launched when you log in to Identacor. 

 Login Credentials

Users can update their credentials required for a particular application that requires the Identacor Secure Auto-Login Browser Extension to login. 

NOTE:  If your administrator set up the application to use a shared login, this option is not available for that particular application.


Enabling / Disabling Settings

Settings can be enabled or disabled based on your preference.  

 Setting ON

 Setting OFF (greyed out)


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