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The Administrator Dashboard’s main purpose is to give you an at-a-glance overview and summary of your organization’s runtime metrics, usage, and activity. The sidebar provides shortcuts to the most commonly performed tasks. It is an aerial view of your operations from which you can zoom in for details. 

The Dashboard tab displays the number of users, applications, and groups that you manage. Below are the dashboard components explained in detail.

  1. User Activity:  A graphical view of user activity over the last 30 days.  
  2. Most Active Users:  The number of logins for Identacor or an application. Any time a user accesses the application to log in or access a single-sign on (SSO) application it counts as a login.  Identacor tracks two action types:  1) login to an application and 2) login to Identacor. Both of these count as a login.
  3. Most Active Apps:  Allows you to understand frequency of applications used by your organization. The number of users that log into a specific application are shown.
  4. Recent Activity:  Information about activity in Identacor within the last 30 days. For each activity, the Recent Activity page lists: 
    • The user that performed the activity
    • The description of the activity
    • The date and time the activity occurred
  5. Quick Links:  On the right-hand side, you have more options that allow you to access helpful links, such as add users and applications.


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