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How to Add A Custom App Using Secure Auto-Login

Identacor enables single sign-on (SSO) access to ANY web application. For applications not listed in the Identacor Application, you can create a connection to the web application in minutes.  Secure Auto-Login was created for apps that do not support federated SSO.

TIP: Use SAML whenever you can.  SAML is the industry standard, eliminates passwords, and applications with no passwords are nearly impossible to hack.  If SAML is not available, then Identacor offers Secure Auto-Login that uses a browser extension to securely pass credentials.

The following is how to setup a custom application not listed in the Enterprise Applications by using the Secure Auto Login Application.

1. Add Custom Application (App)

You can simply and quickly add a custom app into your Identacor account.

  1. Go to Applications in the Application Dashboard.
  2. Click Custom Apps.
  3. Click Add next to Identacor Secure Auto-Login Browser Extension.
  4. Update App Info.

2. Update App Info

Updating apps is critical to maintaining a clutter-free application portal.

After the custom application is added, you have the option to customize your application by changing the application name, description, and logo.



3. Set-up A Login Page URL

A customized login page offers flexibility and enables users to sign in to desired apps in a few minutes.

  1. Go to the Website and click to open Login page
  2. The URL should be visible in the address bar of your browser. Copy the URL.


4. Add the URL in the Application Settings

  1. Paste the complete URL in the Login URL entry.
  2. In the Host String entry, enter the base URL (website domain and extension without the website http and subdirectory). In the example website above, the host string is
  3. Set the authentication settings.
  4. Click Save Changes when done.

When you configure your Authentication options, you can set up Secure Auto-Login so that

  • User sets username and password
  • Administrator sets username, user sets password
  • Users share a single username and password set by administrator

5. Add Users to the Application

Go to the Users tab and click the Assign Users button to assign users to the application. After adding users, the users show up under Assigned Users as shown below.


6. Log in to Your Application

The users added to the application can now access the application without logging in every time. If Set by User in the Authentication Settings was selected in Step 4, the user needs to log in to the application once using his/her application credentials. Identacor saves the login information securely so that the Identacor Secure Auto-Login Browser Extension logs you in automatically every time you go the website.



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