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Managing Groups

Creating groups is an easy way to organize users who usually have something in common, such as working in the same company department. The easiest way to manage users in Identacor is to add a group and assign users to the groups so that they have the access what they need. 


The Group page on the Users and Groups tab allows system administrators to manage all of your organization’s groups. Various user management and related functions include the following:

  • Add a new group
  • Rename an existing group
  • Delete a group
  • Add or Remove group memberships

There are two built-in groups in Identacor:

  • System Admin:  Users assigned to this group are granted full access to all administrative functions.
  • All Users:  Contains all active users in your Identacor account.

NOTE:  You must be a system administrator to perform the user management functions described on this page.

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