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10 Benefits of Using Identacor


  1. Identacor supports a huge number of apps. The Identacor catalog has over 2500+ pre-configured application integrations while also enabling integration with in-house, behind-the-firewall apps.  
  2. Increase productivity and improve security by using one password to access all apps. Users can access all of their personal and corporate applications anytime, anywhere and from any device including Identacor's Mobile App (Identacor Mobile).
  3. Manage all of your apps and users from one place.  For organizations that use a number of SaaS apps, Identacor gives administrators the ability to centrally manage application access for their users.
  4. Active Directory Integration. It offers secure Active Directory integration that can be installed in minutes with no server restarts or firewall changes required. Identacor handles authentication, authorization,and maintains a complete audit trail for all user activity.  
    • Automatically create, update, delete, suspend or activate users in Identacor based based on real-time changes in your directory.  
    • Users can either be managed manually in Identacor or synchronized with your directory of choice.
  5. Support for standards-based single sign-on. Identacor supports SAML 2.0, which signs you into apps like Salesforce, Zoho and Google Apps securely without a password and effectively protects you against phishing.
  6. Audit Trail. All user activity such as sign-ins, password resets, failed login attempts are logged in an audit trial, which means you always have complete record of your cloud activity.
  7. Security Policies. Policies define minimum password strength, password expiration and how often passwords can be reused and you can even limit access to certain IP addresses.
  8. No hardware or installations. One does not have to maintain a host of dedicated servers and people to keep the required system working.
  9. Cloud-based, up in running in minutes, no software to install, no firewall change.
  10. Multi-factor Authentication. Multiple authentication factors provide extra protection.
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