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How to View and Export Activity Logs

Identacor administrators can track the activity of managed users and generate reports. Activity logs are permanent archives of system-generated log entries and system activities. The activity log allows you to monitor activities that occur within Identacor.

1. View Reports

To view your full report, click the Report tab. This opens a summary of user logs and action items.


2. Filter Reports

  1. Date Range. Select a from and to date to view the reports you want.

  2. Search user. You can find a specific user by typing in his/her name, email, or IP address.

  3. Action Types. The action types provide specific options to filter your results.

  4. Run Report. Click this button to render the reports. If you leave everything in default, it renders all activities for that specific day.

  5. Export Report. This option allows you to download the reports in CSV format.


You are done! Identacor works together with your company toward mutual improvement and success.


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