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How to Add a Custom Application

Custom applications can be used to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to in-house applications or to any web application not in the Identacor application catalog. The Custom Apps tab has many templates that support a variety of integration methods for SSO, including SAML. You can also set up a connection using the Secure Auto-Login and Form POST applications. 

1. Adding a Custom Application


To add a new custom application:

  1. Click the Applications Tab.
  2. Click for the CustomApps tab.
  3. Search for the app you want to use and click Add.
  4. Configure your application.

2. Configure Your Application

All instructions required to set up the application are provided in the application's Getting Started tab. Use this information as a guide to set up your application. The configuration varies based on the type of application you are adding. If you need help setting up your app, please contact Identacor support.


3. Done

After your application is added, you can navigate to the application listed under Applications. Click the Application name. From here, you can also configure your application and manage users and group assignments for the application.

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